Dagens plagg hos Milla Boutique: AELLA Parkas fra Heroes kolleksjon til Whyred. Kr 2890. Kjøp den i vår nettbutikk her!

THE PARKA Hooded and duck tailed, the Aella parka is one of the true heroes in the Whyred wardrobe. Along with other Whyred wardrobe classics, the parka has a military origin. This is no coincidence. Since Whyred’s inception in 1999, the robust elegance of military garments has been the main inspirational source for Roland Hjort. The military style is a particular aesthetic that combines the casual with a certain strictness that prevents it from ever looking ordinary. The parka is no exception. First used by the U.S. army during the Korean War, the parka is part of the Whyred genetic code. Since the early 60s the parka has been associated with the aloof coolness of mod culture. It became immortalized in newspaper pictures of parka-clad mods during the brawls between mods and rockers in Brighton on Bank Holiday, 1964. The Mod way of combining the slim suit with a parka and military boots gives the outfit the trait of a natural lifestyle rather than a dressed look. The dressed feel mixed with the rough military aesthetic of the parka bring out an exciting, alluring contrast. Drawing on Kate Moss’ style sensibility and her self-assured combination of a parka with an evening dress, Whyred turned the traditional military parka into an urban street garment expressing a modernist street look.




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