ODYSSEY 2012 from Bjørg- IN STORE NOW!


The Bjørg Odyssey Collection 2012 is a venture through dreamlike landscapes. Inspiration is drawn from mythology and tales, playing with escapist and Romantic fantasies. The collection makes up an odyssey of imagination, mystique and poetry, switching between dreams and reality, thus welcoming Dark knights, Pale moons, Magic Hours and Misty mountains.

The pieces are bronze based with 18 carat gold and rhutinium platings, which makes the prices great! Intimate parts, as earring studs etc. are solid 925 silver. All other materials like opals, crystals, feathers and horsehair are 100% natural and obtained to environmental preservations.

Check them out here… They will be in our webshop soon! Until then- stop by at Milla Boutique for a look at these cool new pieces!

See ya! Love C.

"Souvenir of forgotten dreams" necklace, "After Eden" spine rings, "Misty Mountain" ring, and "Battle beyond stars" ear studs.

"White Unicorn Mane" necklace, "White Knight" ring and "The horses are restless" ring.

"After Eden" spine ring, "After Eden" spine cuff, "After Eden" spine earrings, "I can do anything" spike necklace and "Keep the secret" necklace.

"White Unicorn Mane" necklace & "White night" white unicorn tail necklace.

"There´s a storm cloud coming" glasses.

"Sunrise at midnight" earrings.

"After Eden" spine necklace, ring & handpiece.

"After Eden" spine cuff, necklace, handpiece & "With Courage" pyramid with knife inside.

"After Eden" cuff.

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